Request Timeout 408 in cPanel Webmail

Generally speaking a “408” error means you were requesting information, but your connection took so long getting that information that the server gave up. It doesn’t mean your internet it slow, it means the connection is timing out before you are able to get the email information.

Usually this is caused by a port being blocked by the network or internet service provider, since you are able to connect to the website but not the mail information, which is why you are able to see the error at all.

The easiest thing to do to get around that problem is trying it using another browser, another internet connection, or using an email client like MacMail, Outlook, or Thunderbird which can be setup to use ports that are more commonly open in most firewalls. If really need webmail to work on a specific internet connection, there’s a few more things you can try.

  • Try accessing mail from another port such as 2095 instead. Often cPanel based webmail clients can be accessed over alternative ports. Try going to your domain name and adding :2095 to the end of the url (ex: )
  • You can use a free account as a webmail client by having gmail check your other email accounts using pop3. See:
  • As a last resort you can always install your own email clint such as the open source Roundcube, assuming you have a web host as well as an email host. If you install your own self-hosted email client it will use port 80 much like which is much more likely to be open as it’s the default port for accessing web pages. See: You also may want to ask your web host if they have any tools that will allow you to install Roundcube automatically or using an installer tool.

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