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About Us

This is just a simple site to give out some simple tech advice for free. No gimmicks, or nefarious agenda. Most of the info has to do with hosting and websites. We plan to branch out to more tech related topics in the future.


TechTips.eu gathers some minimal browser information to make the site more functional. It will load a little differently depending on the type of browser to make it easier to use. For instance, page margins change depending on your screen size. Also we use cookies and collect a bit of traffic data just so we can make our site work well, improve the content, and for our own security.

Privacy Policy

Techtips.eu does not give out or sell the information we gather to anyone, ever.


We do our absolute best to provide accurate and high quality content. We are human, and some of the info here is opinion and not fact. Keep that in mind.


Please don’t sue us, we are nice people.


Why techtips.eu? Because .com was taken.


So on and so forth